Sonate pour violon et piano (Posthume)

Completed in April 1897 (the date on the autograph score), this one-movement sonata, lasting about 15 minutes, may have have been performed once at the Conservatoire by Ravel and Georges Enescu, but thereafter it was unknown, and Ravel seems to have made no further reference to it, even when he was composing his better-known Sonate pour violon et piano in the 1920s. The earlier work was only rediscovered among his papers long after his death, and was first publicly performed, and published, in 1975.

"Although nothing is known about the origin of the sonata, the music appears to indicate the dual influence of Fauré and César Franck." (Orenstein [1991], p.19)

"As is surprisingly but unmistakably clear from Ravel's one-movement Violin Sonata of 1897, Delius made a more than merely passing impression on his younger French colleague." (Larner [1996], p.37)

"... cette Sonate s'offre comme un 'allegro moderato' de forme stricte mais d'un caractère cyclique voire rhapsodique très affirmé. ...Ainsi le grand nombre d'explosions fortissimo et de crescendi (en cette 'douce' musique de chambre) semble à l'opposé du crescendo intérieure auquel Ravel va accéder, par la tension du discours et la progression du son." Marnat [1986], p.61}.