Maurice Ravel

Maurice Ravel’s most famous musical composition still makes me as happy today as it did 30 years ago when I first heard it. Maurice Ravel died at 62 years old in Paris, France on December 29, 1937, but his musical legacy lives on! Learn more about Maurice Ravel on NPRThe Guardian and the BBC websites.

What’s The Difference Between Virgin Hair and Processed Hair?

According to the virgin hair company Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair, this is one of the most common questions asked by people considering buying virgin hair extensions. And for a good reason, as no one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on human hair that doesn’t turn out to be hair at all.

According to the Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair blog, unprocessed Virgin hair is basically hair that’s been acquired from a donor, wafted and sold with all the cuticles aligned. There is no processing done for the hair to achieve a certain texture or curl pattern. This is what’s known as ‘Raw Virgin Hair.’ I’ll be the first to let you know that if you acquire raw hair, it’s not that pretty on arrival. Some even think the hair isn’t good; however, should you be fortunate enough to acquire real raw hair, then you are one of the lucky few who stumbles on a gold mine. You will appreciate the true beauty of Virgin hair when you give it its first wash and treatment. In a recent AAD hair study, it was determined that most raw virgin hair is prepared in and bought from India. The great thing about this hair is that it can be bleached, treated, and dyed just like normal hair as it is real human hair from a living donor. As hard as this may be, but the truth is that any of the virgin hairs on the market today branded as Malaysian, Arabian, or Brazilian “Virgin” hair is most likely Chinese-made hairs that have been processed to imitate these patterns. However, that doesn’t mean that these options are necessarily bad, but they aren’t Virgin. Brazilians are some of the most beauty-conscious people in the world, do you think they’d be lining up to have their hair cut?

Now, one of the other things I’ve recently read on a Blogspot blog on virgin hair is that Regular or Standard Weave is more of a loaded answer. A regular weave is any hair bought at your local BSS or Beauty Supply Store and is hair that has been treated to look/appear the way it does. A lot of time these weaves are fallen temple hair that’s been wefted and obtained with little concern for cuticle direction. When cuticles are unaligned, this leads to something known as the “weave bubble.” It is also worth noting that regular weaves are treated and processed before they are sold so that they look shiny when packaged. Fillers are often added to these weaves so that the weft appears bulky. Sadly, most of these fillers contain plastics which is the reason why you may see random strands of plastic or colored strands in the package. This hair looks great, but only for like two or three weeks. Soon, the silicon processing that’s performed to make cuticles appear aligned starts wearing off and the weave starts looking worn. Regular weaves aren’t meant to be bleached or dyed. Should you try to, your hair might not hold up quite well.

And while I was researching this, I actually read how in China they are using hair to make bread! Yuck! Don’t they know it’s worth more to sell it to people looking for hair extensions? Crazy!

Want to know if your virgin hair is really virgin hair? Singe It! Yes, burn it. Actual virgin hair will burn to ashes. If it isn’t, then it’ll merely melt, and the flame will likely go out on its own. Here is a burn test video to prove this.

The Verdict: If you wear weaves consistently, invest by buying higher quality hair. At the end of the day, you’ll save yourself lots of money as you won’t have to get new hair with every install. The good thing is that if taken good care of, virgin hair extensions should last you a long time.

Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions Make Me Happy

Of all the things in this world that make me the happiest, besides the music of Maurice Ravel, I must say that Brazilian virgin hair extensions are at the top of the list. I love how pretty they make me feel and how long and lush my hair feels thanks to them. And my boyfriend LOVES them!!! If you’re thinking about getting hair extensions, I highly recommend Brazilian virgin hair extensions.